2 Things to Look for in a Waste Management Solutions Company

When you and your company are looking to hire a new waste management solutions company, it can be a daunting task. Likely, there are a lot of great options in your area that each offer different services, costs, and levels of customer service. Finding the right match for you and your business can be a tough job! However, there are certain things that you should be looking for in a waste management solutions company before you hire the right one for you.

Your needs are likely very specific, so you want to find a company that is understanding, comprehensive, and always there when you need them. With all the options available at hand, it can be difficult to narrow it down. Here are our 2 tips on things to look for when you are hiring a waste management solutions company.

1. They Know How to Deal with Different Waste Streams

Unless you are working on a very specific project, you probably have several different types of waste streams being produced by your business. This wide variety of waste types need to be dealt with in different and very specific ways in order to stay in accordance with the law, as well as remain environmentally friendly. Consider every type of waste that is coming out of your business—food waste from the kitchen, paper and cardboard waste from office supplies, and other types of waste depending on what type of business you do.

You want to make certain that the company you hire to help manage the waste is capable of dealing with these different waste streams, and that they are compliant with local rules and regulations. This will help you and your business effectively manage waste as well as avoid fees and charges that could incur due to mismanagement of waste. A good waste management solutions company will understand this and will be properly equipped to handle different types of waste.

This means that they will provide your company with the right types of bins needed to dispose of specific types of waste, and that they will ensure that waste is dealt with in the manner that it needs to be. For example, if your company produces medical waste, this is a very highly regulated waste that needs to be dealt with in a specific manner. Make sure that the waste management solutions company that you hire understands the needs of your business and can properly handle it.

2. They Have a Qualified Staff

You may think that just about anyone can do waste management, and that there aren’t really any qualifications necessary to perform the tasks required of a waste management solutions company, but this is actually a fairly common misconception. When you are looking to hire a new waste management solutions company, you want to make sure that they are fully qualified to remove and manage waste from your building in a safe and regulated manner. This means researching if they are up to date on and fully knowledgeable about local and national health and safety regulations and certifications.

If your waste management solutions company is not up to date on their qualifications, this can actually have repercussions for you and your business. If your waste is not being properly handled, then your business can incur fines and fees that are otherwise unnecessary. Additionally, not having your business’ waste managed properly can have serious environmental repercussions.

Always ask potential waste management solutions companies to see proof of their certifications and qualifications. The best companies will want to prove to you that they are fully qualified and certified up-front, so this shouldn’t be an issue. You and your business will be better off when you are working with a waste management solutions company that knows what they are doing.


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