Did you know that 1 litre of oil, can contaminate 1 million litres of ground water.

Cleartech’s recycling process gives used engine and lube oil, oily rags and oily water, used hydraulic oil and sump oil a second chance at life.

A three-stage treatment process removes water, metals and other contaminants to produce an oil base that can be used in the manufacture of lubricants and additives.

Our waste oil removal service caters for all types of waste oil including used engine oil, oily water, used hydraulic oil and sump oil.

Our specialist fleet of liquid and hazardous waste vehicles and strict licensing standards of our operators and drivers means we will deliver the highest level of operational safety, quality and compliance. Cleartech’s extensive fleet of waste oil collection tankers can service your individual requirements – from small 4000 litre tankers to double semi tankers that can remove up to 45,000 litres of waste oil.

We operate under an externally certified Integrated Management System meeting the requirements of key International standards for environment and safety.


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